Unitas International, founded in 2007, exists to engage nationals from different cultural settings to unite and help one another to improve their community for the betterment of all; to work to improve their way of life by helping to provide clean water and adequate housing; to teach them how they can make a difference in improving their communities.

As the opportunity arises, Unitas International will also send couples or individuals that have trained and prepared for cross cultural work. Unitas International is available to assist those who are willing and wanting to give extended periods of time to improve the quality of life in developing countries.

The organization is governed by a Board President, Lenville Gross, assisted by Board Members Marc Allhands, Brad Webber and Carolyn Clifton. The Board is supported by Leanna Gross as Administrative Assistant.

Unitas International also supports Israel & Rachel Helm-Jovo, who are involved with Sparrows Child & Youth Care Centre in Tarkastad, South Africa, as well as Rhandzanani Christian School, the Xai Xai Bible College, Reach 4 Life and a Women’s Sewing Empowerment Project in Xai Xai, Mozambique.

Unitas International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the USA. All donations are tax deductible in the USA and are greatly appreciated.