About the Collins Family

Skip and Sheila have been in South Africa since 1989 when they came to work with Youth for Christ in Durban. In 1997 Skip left YfC, but stayed in Durban serving as the Worship Pastor at a local Baptist Church. During that time he enrolled in Seminary through the Baptist Theological College in Johannesburg.

Collins Family

Currently Skip is on staff at Grace Family Church. He serves as one of the Teaching Pastors. You can visit the church web site here: www.grace.org.za

The La Lucia Baby House

Besides their work with the church, Skip and Sheila run The La Lucia Baby House in their home.

The La Lucia Baby House

The Baby House is a transitional home for abandoned and orphaned babies in Durban, South Africa. According to UNICEF, there are 3.7 million orphans in South Africa, many due to HIV/AIDS. 3000 babies are abandoned every year, according to estimates by the National Adoption Coalition. Skip and Sheila are licensed by, and work in conjunction with, Durban Child Welfare. Their home is able to care for six babies at a time while Durban Child Welfare social workers find permanent homes for them.

The Baby House is an initiative of Skip and Sheila and is not run, or financed, by the church. It is housed in their personal home in La Lucia, which is a suburb of Durban, South Africa. It depends on the contributions of donors in the USA as well as in South Africa. The running cost for the Baby House is approximately $4500 per month. Your help would be deeply appreciated.

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e-Mail: [email protected]

Quick Facts

Location: Durban, South Africa
Family Members: Skip & Sheila; Joshua & Jonah; Jeremiah, Michelle, Coralyn & Joel; Jordan, Bailey & Millie

Donations to The La Lucia Baby House

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United States
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