King David's Tent

King David’s Tent

We encourage the restoration of hearts back to God.

King David's Tent is a missions movement that facilitates a gathering place where we encourage, equip and disciple people through Spirit-led community, to know and experience God, and to take up the call to go and reveal His love and transformational power to their families, communities and to the nations.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit - Matthew 28:19

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest .” - Matthew 9:37–38

King David's Tent LogoWe are excited to present the vision of King David's Tent and our intention to plant the first base in George - South Africa, part of the beautiful Garden Route. This vision was laid on our hearts several years ago to build and facilitate a gathering place for restoring people's hearts back to God, for equipping workers for the harvest, a place of rest for the weary (especially missionaries , pastors and families), and facilitating a learning centre for community transformation. It has been a journey over several years, after we felt the Lord saying, "Pursue Me and My Kingdom first." 

Our journey since then has been one of constant refining, and humble experience in ministry - on paths we would never had travelled, had the Lord not intervened. We have extensive experience serving and managing organisations, seeing what works, and what doesn't, as well as seeing the need to steward a multi-generational vision. We've had several prophetic words confirming the journey, the refining and the focus. In all we do, we seek to let God be the focus. The harvest is not just the lost, but also encouraging and helping the poor, destitute and the vulnerable, through God's transformative power. This includes compassion ministries and practical serving and support. We believe in raising up workers to go and serve who God has called them to, and to also support the church and existing missions organisations and projects.

He raised up for them David as king, to whom also He gave testimony and said, ‘I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will.’ - Acts 13:22.

Our vision is to run King David's Tent on agricultural land near George - South Africa and to facilitate a gathering place (Kibbutz) for equipping and training workers for the harvest. The facilities are to be built on and around faith-based sustainable agriculture and hospitality. We have partnered with Farming God's Way to offer agricultural training to individuals, communities and organisations. We will also run the main farm on a Kibbutz model to help reduce the cost of training for our students and guests in the hospitality space. At the same time, this is a wonderful opportunity to build community, fellowship and address true community empowerment. Teaching people to grow food, is a fundamental step in addressing poverty in Africa. Farming God's Way is an exciting partnership for us, and we are in the process of being trained as facilitators by their team in Gqeberha.

King David's Tent is a mission movement whose primary goal is to encourage the restoration of hearts back to God.

We encourage all people to know and experience God (His intimate presence, transformative love  and reformative power), to walk in their calling and purpose through empowered discipleship. We live out our faith and love for God and people through authentic Spirit-led lifestyle and Christ-centered community. Contact Gavin Lloyd to find out more about King David's Tent.  If you would like to support us either as a family or in the formation of King David's Tent, you can make a donation through Unitas

Planned Facilities and Programmes

Mission Training Programmes

We equip and send out workers for the harvest into any sphere of society (the Seven Mountains). We focus on the following:

  • Biblical Foundations (to know God)
  • Worship, prayer and intercession
  • God’s Presence (to experience God)
  • Obedience to answering the call
  • Cultural & Discipleship training
  • Leadership training
  • Evangelism and Divine Healing
  • Kingdom Entrepreneurship
  • Apologetics, Worldview and Seven Mountains
  • Practical application and short-term mission trips in South Africa, Mozambique and Lesotho

Agriculture and Food Production Projects

  • Faith-based sustainable agriculture with a Kibbutz model.
  • Agriculture school - partnering with Farming God’s Way– teaching families and communities to feed themselves.
  • Help reduce costs of other facilities including kitchens, hospitality, training costs for students. Visitors can stay and help with the work to subsidise their cost.
  • Need to be off the grid as more and more supply chains are challenged.
  • Post processing of food for income producing opportunities on a profit for purpose basis to subsidise the mission.
  • Support communities with seeds and seedlings.
  • Gardens of Faithfulness - Farming God's Way
  • Establish a model for replication for similar communities around the country. This has the potential to create new connected economies.


King David's Tent is a multi-generational, non-denominational missions movement, working with like-minded organisations who want to see transformation and reformation in their families, communities and the nations. We facilitate and host churches, ministries, youth groups and similar group retreats, conferences, events and programmes. We have partnered with Unitas International Inc in the USA.

  • We partner with like-minded churches, ministries, mission organisations, and local communities to encourage each other and to build unity so that we can be more effective in reaching the harvest.
  • We support existing missions first, sending out equipped people to help.
  • By partnering, we bring a variety and diversity of gifts together to help train, equip and facilitate our vision.
  • We are advocates for unity beyond the local church.
  • We facilitate and host churches, ministries, youth groups and similar group retreats, conferences, events and programmes.

Training Facilities - Skills Development

Skills Development Training Programmes

  • Agriculture School - Farming God’s Way
  • Humanities and Human Dignity School
  • Compassion Ministries - (Foster Care, Orphans and Widows)
  • Business and Entrepreneur School
  • Digital Media and Technology School
  • Youth Development Gap Year Programme
  • Hospitality and Tourism School

Hospitality Division

We offer affordable accommodation and facilities for guests who want a time of rest, re-connection, restoration and refreshing in a Christian family culture and community.

  • Ministers
  • Families
  • Students
  • Groups – churches, youth groups, events and special getaways
  • Hosting external ministries, gatherings, programmes, meetings and conferences

We offer comfortable self-catering, B&B rooms, hostel rooms, and camping facilities for our guests and groups in a natural garden environment.

Community Transformation and Reformation

  • We look for opportunities and projects in our local communities to help and serve wherever possible.
  • We apply principles of empowerment and zero footprint in impoverished communities to avoid a dependency on us.
  • We address the urgent need for more workers by connecting, communicating and networking to help bring support and resources to where there is a need.
  • We partner with existing projects, ministries, missions and organisations to send out our students and missionaries to help and serve them as a priority.
  • We raise up and equip workers to go and plant where they are led.
  • We remove the obstacles for people who want access to missions training, by reducing the cost and time needed.

We welcome your support and donations!

Your donation to Unitas International supports our missionaries currently working in Xai Xai (Mozambique), Tarkastad (South Africa) and George (South Africa). You may also choose to donate to a specific missionary family, missionary or project. Please use the project name as a reference for projects.
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