Xai Xai Bible College

The Xai Xai Bible College is a place where men and women can come and learn the Word of God. Xai Xai Bible College in Gaza Province is a sanctuary for the young adults of Mozambique. Here, the Old Testament is not just a class, it’s guidance; its an example. The school is structured like that of the early university with a three year program offering a multitude of classes, but keeping its primary focus on theological truths.

Supported by the Wesleyan Church, the Bible College is one of several in Africa; yet it is the only one of its kind in Mozambique. Students come from all over the country to receive discipleship training. Classes are designed to create able, confident, well-rounded graduates. Students take a variety of classes to prepare them for their futures. There are foundational classes like Old and New Testament as well as electives like music, English and multi-media.

Xai Xai Bible College Xai Xai Bible College

2004 saw the first graduating class of 24 go back to their homes and use their knowledge and skills to become pastors, ministry leaders, teachers and amazing witnesses for the power and love of Christ. Each year the school enrolls approximately 60 new students. On campus, the students are provided housing, meals, childcare and a monthly stipend. Married and single students are accepted to the school. Many times the wives do not read or write, so the Bible College offers sewing classes and literary assistance. The atmosphere is that of an extended family where people look after, care and support one another.

The international staff includes two American missionaries, one South-African missionary, and five Mozambican staff families. Currently, 8 of Mozambique’s 11 provinces are represented by the 45 diploma students. Classes are taught in Portuguese and language development classes are offered to help the students, who speak numerous dialects, enhance their proficiency in the country’s national language.

Xai Xai Bible CollegeClasses provide book knowledge but practical experience polishes skill. Bible College students put their studies to work in a variety of settings. Chapel is twice a week at the school. Music ministry skills are exercised, Biblical knowledge is tested and testimonial witnessing is part of each service. Beyond campus, students work with local communities and along side area churches to practice the curriculum in real life situations. There are also opportunities to lead student groups, music, or even stand in for teachers when the need arises.

Xai Xai Bible CollegeXai Xai Bible College is funded by local and overseas donations. The support pays salaries, feeds the students and families, buys books and covers transportation costs. Students are well cared for while working towards their diploma. On graduation, the staff, students and families come together to celebrate. The local community joins in and the event is something of a festival of fellowship. Xai Xai Bible graduates then move out into the world to spread the love of the Lord.

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